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Research and Development

Those times when products were sold without thinking at the customer’s needs are a long way over. Today, companies must seek and understand their customer real needs. It´s very important to know the gaps in the market, the daily demands which companies have to deal with and, this way, TAKE ACTION and solve.

CONIEX has been developing strategies aimed for the investigation and creation of new solutions to maintain the clients trust. This investment helps to promote the continuous and balanced strengthening of trade and economic relations, because cognitive and technical knowledge is acquired, distinguishing us from our competitors. We direct all of our skills and resources to the finding of revolutionary solutions in the areas where we have more knowledge and expertise.

Over the last years, CONIEX has been highly investing in R&D, placing us on a restrictive group of innovative companies in Portugal. With projects facing the development of new products intended to be a value-added improvement to several industries, CONIEX has a vast business solutions portfolio, placing us in the forefront and becoming market leaders.

The company has its own R&D laboratory for tests, formula adaptation and development of new products to be placed in the market and its use in new processes applied to the industry.

Our researchers share a common objective: provide appropriate solutions intended to bring production advantages:

Last years innovation curriculum:


Development of a new special compound products line for industrial degreasing of metallic parts.


The major innovation we introduced in the market was the grinding and polishing process for metallic parts, using dry vibration with special abrasive material able to work on a dry status. We have developed, along with our foreign partners, this new vibration technology without the need of using water in the working process, therefore, avoiding sludge production (waste water) and saving nature`s most important resource - WATER.

In this year, along with CONIEX plant in Spain, we achieved new improved formulas, with hi-end technology, in silicon rubbers for Centrifugal Casting, which allowed us to reach the “premium” segment of the market. In short, this new formulation allows the silicon rubber to reach higher working temperatures and, this way, to work with a reduced temperature of the metal, enabling to obtain parts with better finish, slag reduction, and mainly a massive reduction in power consumption of the fusion furnace.


Substantially rich in innovations. We improved products, innovated equipments and refined solutions. In a word…progressed!

In more mature markets, we presented revolutionary and also effective novelties:


CONIEX main target was focused in environmental issues.


With our engineering and project department working full speed, in partnership with Universidade do Minho, ISEP and other foreign entities involved, we are strongly committed in the creation and implementation of new concepts for the treatment of waste water and engineering environment filtration systems, to create global solutions adapted to the customer needs.

These are our main goals for this year:

CONIEX strategy is to diversify the offer to clients, increase its market share and, simultaneously, contributing to an optimal management of the natural resources available, to reduce residues and polluting side effects.

We help you to reach new levels and to go further…We exist and work, for you.